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Educational and training opportunities are available to qualified job seekers.
Training opportunities are determined by:
  • Eligibility for other sources of training funds
  • The assessment of your skills
  • The likelihood that training will lead to long-term employment
  • The total cost of training

Types of Training:

Occupational Skills Training: Available for customers who have been certified, assessed, and have met other requirements of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity ActWIOA.

On-the Job Training: Allows an eligible customer to learn skills for a specific occupation through demonstration and practice under actual working conditions. This training will occur while the customer is engaged in productive, full-time work as a hired employee.

Classroom Training: Allows a certified WIOA customer to attend short-term classroom training programs for normally a two year period.

Classroom Training under the WIOA (WIOA) offers:
  • Diploma Programs (Typically one year)
  • Certificate Programs (Typically nine months to one year)
  • Associate Degree Programs (Typically two years)
Continuing Education Training: Allows a certified WIOA customer to attend short-term certificate training programs that range from one month to one year.

Continuing Education Training under the WIOA (WIOA) offers courses in the following:
  • Computer Studies
  • Medical Studies
  • Truck Driving
  • Office Studies
  • Industrial Studies and many others…..

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